Don’t be blind to your marketing efforts. Use analytics to make informed decisions about your business and refine your digital marketing strategy with real data. Ultimately maximize ROI.

Prices Starting From £30


Use analytics to ensure your online marketing strategy is as efficient and effective as possible. By tracking customers on your website and social media platforms you gain a comprehensive understanding of who your customers are and how you should market to their needs. 

We can monitor your marketing campaigns, your website pages, and social media platforms to make sure your marketing efforts are gaining the maximum amount of action towards your KPIs.  Analytics cis also used to identify any web pages or digital marketing campaigns which aren’t performing and need tweaking. This means all your website and digital marketing is working to maximum capacity.


All our packages are tailored to our customers’ needs and we can train customers on how to use Google Analytics. However, if you don’t have the time or inclination to learn analytics, we offer ongoing analytics to ensure that your website and marketing is achieving the best results possible.

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How it works:

To get insightful results from analytics data must first be acquired. Therefore, our first step is to install Google Analytics to your site so you can start acquiring essential data. If you already have Google Analytics installed we go straight to the Audit.

 Your website, marketing, and social media are then reviewed. From this, a report is produced showing what is generating leads, and what needs altering.

This report is then used to guide our strategy. We discuss the results with our customers to ensure we are tracking and maximizing the most vital marketing channels.
Our team work to ensure your website and marketing is running smoothly and to the desired goals. AB split-testing is used to ensure all the changes, such as calls to actions, are increasing traffic and converting users.
Personalise Analytics
Your Google Analytics desktop is personalised so you can easily track your goals and visually see how your website and marketing is running.
We create custom reports to give insightful and actionable data for your business. This is used to shape your business strategy, making sure you continuously receive maximum ROI from your website and marketing.

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