Content marketing is essential in receiving traffic, and converting traffic to customers. 

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Content Marketing

Content marketing is the creation and curation of content such as articles, images, videos, infographics, and audiobooks. These are used to communicate with your users and guide them towards converting and becoming a customer. Your website or blog is then the hub of your content, and social media is used to distribute this content. Having a user-friendly website design and a social media marketing strategy is therefore essential to connecting


  • Good quality content adds authority to your business, authenticating you as an expert in your field which adds credibility to the services or products you offer
  • Quality content increases customer loyalty and engagement with your business
  • Sharing content on social media will increase your reach and gain followers
  • Content is created for different levels of the sales funnel and is essential for generating awareness, turning browsers into buyers, and buyers into repeat customers
  • Content offers you the chance to showcase your brand’s image, ethics, and personality to potential customers.





Our content marketing works best in conjunction with social media marketing. Once you have invested in creating and curating content, it is wise to distribute it effectively. 

SEO and Increasing Traffic

  • Content combined with SEO and keywords is the main way people get traffic to their site. Content on different allows Google to index you as a leader in your field and creates doorways for customers to find your site.
  • Quality content increases backlinks, a primary focus of Google’s algorithm for determining your search engine ranking.
  • Quality content is needed to distribute on social media and spread the reach of your brand.

The best way to manage your content is to create a blog on your website which then acts as a hub; a platform that you own and where you can post everything that you create and share on social media. The subject matter of your content can also be used to solve a problem and aid your customers’ decision-making process.

According to the Content Marketing Institute (2016), content marketing generates 3x more leads than traditional marketing, increases conversion rates by nearly 6x and costs 62% less than traditional marketing.

How it works:

Content Audit

First we perform a content audit. Here we use tools and teamwork to analyse ALL of your content. We check to see what content you have already; what does and doesn’t gain engagement; what needs editing, copywriting & improving? and does your content contain calls to action and help convert users?


We then analyse your competitors’ and industry leaders’ content. This shows us what content marketing strategy works in your industry. This gives us an immediate idea of what marketing works best for your audeince. We also perform a keyword research to find out what search terms your customers use and which ones have the least competition (so you can have the golden place on the first page of Google).

Content Strategy

All this information is used to create a content marketing strategy. We look at:

  • What content format (e.g. videos) and subject performs best.
  • Which social platforms are best to distribute content and when to post content to achieve maximum reach.
  • How your content will be used to convert users.
  • The resources of your company and how much time and technology you have.

We also use the content audit to maximise the use of your current content.

Style Guide
To fully implement this strategy, a style guide is created aimed towards meeting the needs of your users. This increases engagement, awareness, and loyalty to your brand.
Editorial Calander
An editorial calendar is created based on the content strategy: what content to create and when it should be published.
Content Creation
Depending on our customer’s specifications we create, curate, or edit your content. We use the content strategy to ensure content is converting and the information is what your customers are looking for.

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