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The Facts

Email marketing is one of the best ways to engage with your customers. It can also be very cost-effective with a return on investment (ROI) of 3800%. Around 25% of emails from marketing campaigns in the UK were opened and with a click through rate of just over 4%. These figures are astonishing when you consider that you can send a virtually unlimited number of emails.

What we do

Our email marketing service can work in two ways. We can either perform all of your email marketing for you or create templates for you to use to in your email marketing campaings.

We create automated emails to your whole contact list. This can be used for promotions, offers, or to upsell products and services. We also create incentives to your audience so we can collect as many email addresses as possible from users with the highest chance of converting. 

Our email marketing team creates easy to use, custom email templates that we will train you to use. The designs and content will represent your brand and can be used to increase engagement and upsell products and services. This is also a perfect platform to send promotions and timed newsletters.




We also offer advice on what time to send emails depending on when their target audience is most likely to open them.

Collecting basic information from your customers gives you a huge advantage when it comes to email marketing. Therefore we ensure your website contains the software to capture this information from your users and stores it for you to use later.

Email marketing is used by Amazon and can be used by your business, to re-send product information from cart abandonments. Additionally you can make suggestions on further purchases based on their purchase history.

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