Content is the doorway to your website and keywords are the handle. 

Prices Starting From £100 Including Competitive Analysis

Keywords are the search terms used by users on search engines to find websites and businesses like yours. Included in our SEO and PPC service are keyword auditing, research, and implementation. We also preform a competitor keyword analysis.

  1. To get the full SEO benefit of keywords, different pages on your website should aim to target one primary keyword and several secondary keywords. Because of this, we recommend using our keyword research in conjunction with content marketing.  Content marketing will give you numerous posts to use to target certain keywords.

How it works:

Keyword Audit

We see what keywords you are currently ranking for: whats bringing in traffic, what needs improving, and what keywords need changing.
Competitive Audit

We see what search terms your competitors are using so we know which keywords bring traffic in, which ones to compete with, and which ones to avoid.

Keyword Tools
We use this information when using keywords tools (some of them on this guide)  to find out which search terms your audience is using and which ones offer the least competition, the lowest cost (if using PPC) with the highest traffic and engagement.

We then create keywords for different stages of the customer funnel. Smaller keywords are used to get lots of traffic, and longer search terms are used to target people at the purchasing stage of the funnel. These longer keyword phrases will also be cheaper if using PPC.


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