Get INSTANT results from your advertising.

Price Starting From £99

Use Pay-Per-Click (PPC) to gain instant results. PPC works best if you are finding it difficult to get to the top, first page of search engines organically. Using PPC will get you that top spot on Google but will charge you each time you get a click. However, choose your PPC keywords well and you will pay a very small ‘commission’ to significantly increase sales. Our PPC advertising is combined with our Keyword Service to increase conversion-ready customers to your website and business. 


Our team then finds the most cost-effective words to bid on to ensure your website is visible to your customers on the top, first page of Google. We can also target paid searches on social media networks vital for your business, all for the lowest possible cost. Using paid searches on social media platforms like Facebook is beneficial as the price is low and specifications for targeting is great. This means you can target your exact audience whether it’s a 40-year-old fireman in New York who like antiques, or a 20-year-old woman in Edinburgh who likes dogs. We can target these adverts to geographic locations, certain demographics, and sociographics.  

How it works:

Keyword Search

A keyword search is used to find the most cost-efficient keywords that are specific to your customers.

Platform Selection

We then find out the best platforms to use to acquire customers depending on their online searching habits.


We maximise your ROI by targeting locations, demographics, and sociographics.


After the budget for the PPC campaign is discussed, we activate the service and watch the traffic come in. 


Using analytics we track your PPC campaign, tweaking it to make sure its as effective as possible.

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