Build a loyal community and sell products or increase awareness with social media marketing.

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Social Media Marketing

People of all interests and ages use social media, often for hours every day. It offers businesses of all sizes a valuable and inexpensive way to connect to with customers in two-way conversation.  Using this platform, you can develop and cultivate a long-lasting community centered around your business and brand. If you have the right social media strategy it is your community that will naturally amplify the distribution of your content through sharing and liking posts. By offering real value to your community it will grow and become a channel you can promote your products, services, offers, and events. All of this only requires a little of your time if you use the correct social media management tools. Our social media service is bespoke to your requirements. We can create a social media strategy, distribute regular content, or simply help you set up a business page.


Social media marketing works perfectly in conjunction with content marketing and blogging as they should be used to complement and promote each other.

Social media marketing is valuable to gain engagement, loyalty, traffic and awareness. Ultimately social media platforms allow you to first generate a big community of people that are interested in your industry, and then promote your products, services and marketing campaigns. However, you should create real value for your audience and should not only use social media to promote your products and services. 

Social Listening

Social listening can be used to ‘spy’ on your competitors, find potential customers and see what your customers are saying about your brand. This means you can manage your brand image by quickly and effectively responding to negative criticism, or thank them for positive feedback. Additionally, you can target competitors customers who are unhappy with their products/service and convert them to your business.

How it works:

We audit your current social media: look at which platforms, posts, forms of media (e.g. pictures, text, videos) and even hashtags are gaining engagement.
Competitor Analysis
A competitive analysis is then conducted. Here we find out what platforms your competitors use, what they are posting, when they are posting and what forms of media work.
Customer Research
We also conduct customer research. We find out what social media platforms are used most frequently used by your target persona or audience, and when the best time is to post.
Social Media Strategy
Based on this research we will create a social media marketing strategy. This will tell which platforms to use and how to use them to best meet your calls to action and conversion requirements.
Editorial Calander
There are two options here. 1. We create an editorial calendar telling you what to post, when to post it and where to post it to get maximum effect. 2. Or we can schedule posts for you over a period of time that suits you.


  • Maintain your social media channels and feeds by content creation and curation that is unique to your business and designed and targeted specifically towards your target audience’s socio-demographics.
  • Use analytics to track and monitor your social media performance to ensure your posts get as much attention and engagement from your audience as possible. This will also give us an idea of user preferences and what posts contribute bests to your KPIs and aims. Therefore the quality of your content for your audience is continuously developing. All this works to make your marketing more efficient and capitalize on ROI.

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