• Mobile Internet Market Share in UK 34% 34%
  • Active Social Media Users in the UK 64% 64%
  • Regular users of the internet in the UK 88% 88%
  • Holdcroft Digital Marketing Customer Satisfaction 100% 100%

How Holdcroft Digital Marketing Can Help Your Business

Here at Holdcroft Digital Marketing, we specialise in working with small businesses to create and improve their online presence and advertising. As a small business ourselves we know that websites and marketing are an expense that can be daunting and difficult to afford. However, our low expenses (we work in a home office) and our expertise means that we can deliver high-quality work at a price that won’t be beaten. We are the champions of small businesses in the UK and we fight to enable them the ability to compete with larger organisations and gain a healthy market share. We can help businesses with all their marketing needs, from the initial set-up of a website to a comprehensive digital marketing strategy.

In an increasingly digital world, businesses need digital marketing to survive and thrive. Internet marketing offers small businesses a perfect way to connect to the whole world and market their goods in the most efficient and cost-effective way. We use SEO to ensure your website is easily located by your customers and digital marketing to convert them to your required needs. We also target your digital marketing to your customers, their needs and the platforms they use online, to make sure your marketing receives the maximum ROI.

Our combined experience makes us specialists in ensuring startup to small businesses have effective digital marketing. Our work includes roles such as: Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)Pay-Per Click (PPC)Website Design and DevelopmentSocial Media MarketingContent Creation & CurationDigital Marketing Strategies and Email Marketing. The team also has experience in Global Strategic Marketing and tactics.

Join our social media pages to get free business and marketing advice. We aim to create a community around our social media that works to help advise, promote and share valuable information with each other. We hope to hear from you soon.

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