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About Holdcroft Digital Marketing

Holdcroft Digital Marketing is a digital marketing company, opened by Craig Holdcroft (myself), after completing a business management degree in 2019. I have a varied background in industry, including manufacturing whirlpool baths, service engineering nationwide for water based products and electrical wholesale sales management. All of which have involved small to medium sized businesses and all with different demands in their respective markets.

Its been an amazing response from the marketplace with some interesting projects and digital support for both local businesses and even international businesses. Varying from the hotel industry to the entertainment sector and elements of online retail stores.


Our Approach to Digital Marketing is designed with the clients development in mind to grow and co create together

Digital marketing methods change rapidly in a market where technology and our access to it grows. Holdcroft Digital marketing by offering elements of training to its clients aims to grow along with the changes and ensure the client never gets left behind with the digital movement.

Meet The team 

Craig Holdcroft

Craig Holdcroft

Founder & Company director

My interest is the development of your business and as a business consultant, now have switched my direction to a digital platform. My initial thoughts on the sector are just how broad it is and how the need to ensure all digital marketing packages are tailored directly to the client and not as a one size fits all package.


Tim Aldridge

Tim Aldridge


Tim Aldridge although not directly employed by Holdcroft Digital Marketing  has assisted in photography and content creation with clients.Tim himself during 2019 hosted his own gallery of work from his visit to Chernobyl 


Our Values

Our core values are with our clients 

Personalised package

Keeping the clients interest at the forefront of all activities, Holdcroft Digital Marketing ensures a personalised marketing plan for each and every business. One size does not fit all.

Training and development

Holdcroft Digital Marketing clients are seen as co creators and as a means of moving forward with technologies and trends, developing with the client is key to future sustainability.

Analytical Results

Numbers and analytics don’t lie, from the statistics and analytics we can display the success or failure of any campaign, we are here to develop with your business and are prepared to make amendments to improve as we move forward.

What We Do Best

Brand awareness

Content creation

Social Media marketing

Training and development

Analytics and insights

Web Development

Email Marketing

SEO and local SEO

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Keep up to date with the latest Covid-19 information.

We as digital marketers are here to help as best as we can. Currently Holdcroft Digital marketing has frozen all invoices for its current clients and is attempting to offer as much advice to businesses as possible in relation to marketing doing this very difficult time. Stay safe - Stay home - Protect our NHS - Save lives.