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Below you will be able to find information on Holdcroft Digital Marketings most popular digital services. Feel free to contact us if you are unable to find a service you may be looking for.

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 Digital Marketing can be overwhelming. Below are some of the most popular options.

Brand awareness building & Strategy

Elements of market research are always required when considering any form of digital marketing or campaign.

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Social media 

Social Media Management

Starting from advice all the way through to full social media marketing management, We will have a solution for your business.

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People of all interests and ages use social media, often for hours every day. It offers businesses of all sizes a valuable and inexpensive way to connect to with customers in two-way conversation.  Using this platform, you can develop and cultivate a long-lasting community centered around your business and brand. If you have the right social media strategy it is your community that will naturally amplify the distribution of your content through sharing and liking posts. By offering real value to your community it will grow and become a channel you can promote your products, services, offers, and events. All of this only requires a little of your time if you use the correct social media management tools. Our social media service is bespoke to your requirements. We can create a social media strategy, distribute regular content, or simply help you set up a business page.

Social media marketing works perfectly in conjunction with content marketing and blogging as they should be used to complement and promote each other.

Social media marketing is valuable to gain engagement, loyalty, traffic and awareness. Ultimately social media platforms allow you to first generate a big community of people that are interested in your industry, and then promote your products, services and marketing campaigns. However, you should create real value for your audience and should not only use social media to promote your products and services.

Social Listening

Social listening can be used to ‘spy’ on your competitors, find potential customers and see what your customers are saying about your brand. This means you can manage your brand image by quickly and effectively responding to negative criticism, or thank them for positive feedback. Additionally, you can target competitors customers who are unhappy with their products/service and convert them to your business.


Audience Analytics and insights

Understanding your website traffic is key to developing your online presents. If you don’t know what’s happening then how can you improve it?

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We can monitor your marketing campaigns, your website pages, and social media platforms to make sure your marketing efforts are gaining the maximum amount of action towards your KPIs.  Analytics cis also used to identify any web pages or digital marketing campaigns which aren’t performing and need tweaking. This means all your website and digital marketing is working to maximum capacity. 

To get insightful results from analytics data must first be acquired. Therefore, our first step is to install Google Analytics to your site so you can start acquiring essential data. If you already have Google Analytics installed we go straight to the Audit.

Auditing – Your website, marketing, and social media are then reviewed. From this, a report is produced showing what is generating leads, and what needs altering.

This report is then used to guide our strategy. We discuss the results with our customers to ensure we are tracking and maximising the most vital marketing channels.




Search Engine Optimisation

Working with both SEO and local SEO to help your business be discovered by search engines and offering clarity to your customers when they search for a product or service.

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Get Found On Google From £99.

Our Search Engine Optimization-SEO teamwork to align your website and content to Google’s algorithm. This means that your business is visible to your customers. This is vital as 95% of all traffic goes to the first page of Google. An SEO optimized website increases the chance of your website being on the first page of Google, allows your customers to find you more easily, and ultimately gets more traffic. 

he process of optimizing a website and content for SEO is complex. Some companies offer ‘quick fix’ ways to get traffic and improve SEO. However, Google now punishes websites using these tricks by blacklisting them and decreasing their Google ranking. Our team works honestly and to SEO specifications to increase your website’s visibility and ranking on search engines.

We also perform local SEO services meaning that your business appears on Google maps and your contact information and images are fully visible on all devices. As well as supporting your business nationally and internationally, our SEO service performs extremely well for businesses relying on local customers. With our service, we target geographic areas to ensure that your website shows up in local searches.

All the websites we create as part of our website design service already includes the SEO service.

A brief idea into key words might mean a web developer using the following terms

Building a website from scratch

How much is a website build?

Is a website easy to build?

Website builder near me?

How do I make my website better?




Content creation

Website and social media content plays a vital role in how a company portrays its message to customers and clients.

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Content marketing is the creation and curation of content such as articles, images, videos, infographics, and audiobooks. These are used to communicate with your users and guide them towards converting and becoming a customer. Your website or blog is then the hub of your content, and social media is used to distribute this content. Having a user-friendly website design and a social media marketing strategy is therefore essential to connecting 


  • Good quality content adds authority to your business, authenticating you as an expert in your field which adds credibility to the services or products you offer
  • Quality content increases customer loyalty and engagement with your business
  • Sharing content on social media will increase your reach and gain followers
  • Content is created for different levels of the sales funnel and is essential for generating awareness, turning browsers into buyers, and buyers into repeat customers
  • Content offers you the chance to showcase your brand’s image, ethics, and personality to potential customers.
  • Content combined with SEO and keywords is the main way people get traffic to their site. Content on different allows Google to index you as a leader in your field and creates doorways for customers to find your site.
  • Quality content increases backlinks, a primary focus of Google’s algorithm for determining your search engine ranking.
  • Quality content is needed to distribute on social media and spread the reach of your brand.

The best way to manage your content is to create a blog on your website which then acts as a hub; a platform that you own and where you can post everything that you create and share on social media. The subject matter of your content can also be used to solve a problem and aid your customers’ decision-making process.

According to the Content Marketing Institute (2016), content marketing generates 3x more leads than traditional marketing, increases conversion rates by nearly 6x and costs 62% less than traditional marketing.

Workshops & Training

From 1 to 1 training to seminars and workshops.

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As each organisation is different we would encourage you to contact us for a chat regarding your training requirements.


They can consist of webinar / Microsoft teams training courses

1 to 1 teaching as part of on the job tasks

workshop style teaching sessions on elements of digital marketing


Website Development

From current website modifications to a new complete website to display your business and its mission.

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Prices Starting From £120

A good quality website can serve multiple functions:

  • It reflects the quality of your brand, services, and products.
  • Is well structured and easily navigable for users.
  • Displays content in an informative and appealing way.
  • Set up with analytics so you can tell what pages are performing and which ones need improving.
  • Includes the right calls to action to convert your users.
  • Makes purchasing easy and stress-free.
  • Is SEO optimized.
  • Contains reassuring customer testimonials or case studies. 

Our expert website design and development team create premium websites or improve your current website. We ensure your customers can seamlessly browse and locate the information and services on your site, whilst giving a positive, high-quality impression.

We also design and develop websites with the business owner in mind. We know that small businesses may not have the budget or experience to make complicated changes to their website. Therefore, we offer highly competitive prices and make sure little experience is needed in maintaining the website. We will also explain how to manage and edit your site. All websites we create are optimized with the SEO and keyword service.

All our websites are fully functional and optimised for mobile searches.


Email Marketing

From a single email marketing campaign to regular newsletters to customers keeping fully compliant with GDPR regulations.

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Our email marketing service can work in two ways. We can either perform all of your email marketing for you or create templates for you to use to in your email marketing campaings.

We create automated emails to your whole contact list. This can be used for promotions, offers, or to upsell products and services. We also create incentives to your audience so we can collect as many email addresses as possible from users with the highest chance of converting. 

Our email marketing team creates easy to use, custom email templates that we will train you to use. The designs and content will represent your brand and can be used to increase engagement and upsell products and services. This is also a perfect platform to send promotions and timed newsletters.


We also offer advice on what time to send emails depending on when their target audience is most likely to open them.

Collecting basic information from your customers gives you a huge advantage when it comes to email marketing. Therefore we ensure your website contains the software to capture this information from your users and stores it for you to use later.

Email marketing is used by Amazon and can be used by your business, to re-send product information from cart abandonments. Additionally you can make suggestions on further purchases based on their purchase history.

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