The Power of Analytics

Use analytics to ensure your online marketing strategy is as efficient and effective as possible. By tracking customers on your website and social media platforms you gain a comprehensive understanding of who your customers are and how you should market to their needs. Analytics can make sure you are not making marketing efforts blind to the results.

We offer ongoing analytics to regularly ensure that your website and marketing is achieving the best results possible.

Website Design

A good quality website can serve multiple functions:
  1. It reflects the quality of your brand, services, and products.
  2. Is well structured and easily navigable for users.
  3. Content should not only informative but also displayed in an appealing and diverse way.
  4. Set up with analytics so you can tell what pages are performing and which ones need improving.
  5. Is SEO optimized.

All our websites are fully functional and optimized for mobile searches.

About Holdcroft Digital Marketing

How did Holdcroft Digital Marketing start?

Holdcroft Digital Marketing is a digital marketing company, opened by Craig Holdcroft (myself), after completing a business management degree in 2019. I have a varied background in industry, including manufacturing whirlpool baths, service engineering nationwide for water based products and electrical wholesale sales management. All of which have involved small to medium sized businesses and all with different demands in their respective markets.

This year, I plan to continue my studies at Staffordshire University, by completing an MSc in digital marketing. The aim is to be able to support small to medium sized businesses, across Staffordshire (Including new start up companies), to find their customer base online. Offering sustainable growth by the means of digital marketing and an affordable service, to Holdcroft Digital Marketing clients.

Here at Holdcroft Digital Marketing, we specialise in working with startup, micro and small businesses to create and improve their online presence and advertising. We believe that small businesses in and around Staffordshire should have the ability to thrive and compete with larger organisations. That is why Holdcroft Digital Marketing works with small businesses to create and improve their websites, social media and online strategies. We ensure your marketing is aimed towards the correct target audience and their needs. This will help enable your business to stay up-to-date and make your website visible. We also target your digital marketing to your customers, their needs and the platforms they use online.

  • Email Marketing 75% 75%
  • Marketing Campaigns 80% 80%
  • Research & Implementations 90% 90%
  • Consultation 95% 95%

Our Work Flow

Technical and Content Audit

We offer free initial content and technical audit to our customers, the audit also helps in understanding the current competitiors and company’s strengths.

Start Digital Project

The second step in our workflow is the start of digital project, this includes data gathering, installation and development.

Maintenance & Training

We also help our customers to keep up with the technology rather than just depending on the outsource companies, we train and help them after closing the project.


Website Design


Content Marketing




Digital Audit

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