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Improve your business e-commerce and grow online?

A method to Improve your business e-commerce and grow online. Improve your business e-commerce and grow online The need for e-commerce has never been more apparent as we reach our second national lockdown of 2020. Only a select amount of retail businesses now are able...

Facebook starts to test its ATT prompt

As Facebook starts to test its ATT prompt what does this mean for both Facebook users and advertisers. Facebook Pre-opt in As informed by Facebook over the last few months as part of the strategy moving forward on data tracking. Facebook is now running a pre-opt in a...

Improving your e-commerce during lockdown.

A hard time for the high street store. Businesses are still looking for ways to become more agile with the current lockdown. A frustrating time for those business owners who can see the possible damage to their businesses being closed. Currently our present lockdown...

10 simple ways to improve your digital marketing, to increase your sales.

Looking for ways to start and improve your online marketing? Want to encourage more sales and interest? Often the process of improving a companies online marketing begins with a general view of all digital activity. Below we look at 10 simple and clever ways to...

Changes to customer process.

Reflecting and learning on our first year at Holdcroft Digital Marketing and making changes to our customer process. It's always positive to reflect and during the current COVID-19 pandemic the need to make changes to our customer process became clear. Entering the...

A few E-commerce statistics that give you reasons to act now


E-commerce market share by 2040


Online shoppers using a smartphone to purchase goods and services


Abandoned carts due to slow page loading


Using sliders and video on home pages increases conversion by

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Holdcroft Digital marketing enjoy all elements of supporting a business with its digital marketing. From help and guidance to full website and social media management.

How Holdcroft Digital Marketing can help your business?

Brand Design & Strategy

Customised strategies and branding to suit both businesses and target markets in the digital sector

Social Media Management

From regular advice all the way through to full social media management, Holdcroft Digital Marketing has a solution suitable for your business.

Audience Analytics

Understanding the data and analytics your business currently generates can be a key factor to building your business online

SEO and local SEO

Improving your websites SEO and working on your companies local SEO can reap positive results for your business.

Content creation

Want to understand how your content can influence your business? From images to blogging, Holdcroft Digital Marketing can help.

Team Training

From focused sessions in digital marketing or 1 to 1 sessions for your marketing teams

Website Development

From current website improvements to the creation of a new website. Options to suit all marketing budgets.

Email Marketing

From a single campaign to full email marketing management.

We Make it Easy to Connect With Users On Every Platform

Its not all about the number of likes on social media but it is more of an interest when consumers engage with your content. We can help you understand what kind of content is relevant and of interest to your target audience.


Improving your business e-commerce

Seeking to increase business revenueand sales.

  • Adding e-commerce to your website
  • Adding shop and product pages.
  • Smooth checkout processes
  • A variety of customer payment methods
  • Booking and automated systems


Holdcroft Digital Marketing ecommerce flow

Current working projects

After being approached by a business who work within the entertainment sector, Holdcroft Digital Marketing was given the task to raise greater digital awareness. Through the means of website analytics it was established that the current advertising channels were not as successful as first thought. Armed with this knowledge a combined effort between the business owner and ourselves, a more focused inbound marketing campaign was launched with statistically proven results.



Company based in Stoke On Trent utilising 

Website development

Analytical support

Social media support



A business owner situated in Stone Staffordshire wanted to create his organisation a new website.A project he wished to undertake himself but requested a level of help and guidance throughout the process. From helping with the initial set up and hosting to the odd issue when website developing.

The company based in Stone utilised

Website development

Content creation support

Social media campaign support




A joint venture of two professionals within the hotel expert consulting sector requested the services of Holdcroft Digital Marketing in order to create a simple, easy to use website with full administrator access. this allows co creation between all the involved parties helping to deliver the perfect message to their target audience both here in the UK and France respectively


The partnership, based in Stoke On trent utilised

Website building and development

Hosting services

Analytical services

Social media support



Creative Director

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