A method to Improve your business e-commerce and grow online.

Changes to customer process
Improve your business e-commerce and grow online

The need for e-commerce has never been more apparent as we reach our second national lockdown of 2020. Only a select amount of retail businesses now are able to remain open with the sales of essential items. The UK government announcement is set to have implications to many business sectors. Firstly, Non-essential retail, hospitality, leisure, personal care and sports and entertainment sectors are set to close until December. Because of this, many retailers wherever possible seek to improve their e-commerce and website ordering process. This blog aims to help you Improve your business e-commerce and grow online.

Seems an obvious solution right? improve your e-commerce and grow online.

Covid-19 has caused a transformation within the UK with more than 85,000 businesses launching online stores or joining online marketplaces like Amazon during lockdown according to research from Growth Intelligence.

With more than 750,000 businesses closing  doors under Covid-19 lockdown restrictions, businesses have been forced to increase their digital offering in a means to adjust to our new normal keeping up with the demand for online shopping.

With so many businesses seeking sales online it becomes important to understand who your customers are. Working with the data we can understand your customer better. The process seeks to adapt what you have to work better for you and increase customer visits and sales. Our e-commerce improvement process follows the Assess, Adapt, Provide and Review cycle.

How we seek to improve your e-commerce

Improve your business e-commerce and grow online

We have found this to be successful and cost-efficient for business. Clients as its main focus is working on systems and processes that may already be in place. Should it be that a business has no e-commerce we then look to assess what is most suitable for you. Aiming to Improve your business e-commerce and grow online.

Assess the current situation

where to find
Improve your business e-commerce and grow online

Our aim here is to work with your business to understand what it is you want to achieve. Our aim here is to find the correct digital e-commerce solution for your business and budget. By reviewing resources and planning a strategy the process moves towards an adapting stage.

In brief…

•Organisation’s situation – Building an understanding of what is needed from a marketing campaign

•Expectations and needs – Setting relevant KPis and targets. This is not an overnight fix.

•Digital solutions – Understanding what your business currently uses and what is available to you.

•Timescales – Each business is different and will have different targets, timescales and objectives.

•Resources – What current resources does your business have and how can they support the digital process.

Adapt what you have

Website optimisation
Improve your business e-commerce and grow online

Sometimes the smallest of changes can lead to the biggest results. Ensuring your business can measure its traffic and online activity will allow future improvements to your brand message. This leads to better customer engagement overall.

In brief…

•Audit and understand – learning from the analytics and data of your current visitors.

•Adapt and modify process – Learn from the data and seek to make digital improvements

•Collaborate – Allowing you to continue with your business as we take care of the digital marketing.

•Introduce digital platforms -Are there alternative digital channels you may be better suited to?


Improve your business e-commerce and grow online

Holdcroft Digital Marketing looks to provide improvements to your online marketing and e-commerce systems. A combination of digital marketing techniques seeks to improve your reach and visibility to customers.

In brief…

•Improve business visibility – Social media marketing, paid ads and organic inbound marketing techniques.

•Improving reach leading to more customers, improved sales and revenue.

•Improve e-commerce performance increasing sales – The main objective is to grow your business sales.



By reviewing the campaigns and activities regularly, continuous improvements can be made for the best results for your business. A review of your visitor insights, analytics and social media engagement tells us more on what works. We seek to improve your ROI.

In brief…

•Strategy – Is it working? how can it be improved?

•Competitive advantage – Constant improvements to generate a competitive advantage for your business.

•Analytics – Gives a full insight into what is happening, what is working and what can be improved.

•Processes – How to improve any process that leads to improved results.

•ROI – The main aim to improve your return on investment and improve your sales and revenue.

Next steps?

Adapting to the current climate is the key to business survival. We know from experience that we can help. We want to work with you and support your business growth. Would you like to discuss how we could work together? Our objective is to help you grow your business online using digital marketing techniques. Connect with us on the below channels and lets see what can be achieved.

Keep up to date with the latest Covid-19 information.

We as digital marketers are here to help as best as we can. Currently Holdcroft Digital marketing has frozen all invoices for its current clients and is attempting to offer as much advice to businesses as possible in relation to marketing doing this very difficult time. Stay safe - Stay home - Protect our NHS - Save lives.