Looking for ways to start and improve your online marketing? Want to encourage more sales and interest?

Often the process of improving a companies online marketing begins with a general view of all digital activity. Below we look at 10 simple and clever ways to improve your digital marketing, to increase your sales. With lockdown starting the 5th November, let us evaluate how to improve your online marketing and increase online sales.

10 steps to improving your digital marketing

  1. Website optimisation

    Ensuring your website can be viewed on multiple devices, such as smartphones and tablets, without compromising its functionality or customer experience is an important factor in keeping your customers attention. Guarantee that the process on each device is as seamless as it can be, by doing this it raises the chances of a customer working through to post sales. Try your current website today on different devices and see how it appears. Ensure it works across a variety of smart devices.Website optimisation

  2. How easy is it to checkout?

    By evaluating your website’s checkout procedures and page locations, you can increase the chance that a customer completes purchases, without leaving ‘unpaid baskets’. Analytics of your website can elaborate more on just how far a customer goes though your current pages, enabling you to improve the final steps which can improve your sales.Checkout trolley

  3. Simple shipping

    Have you ever been on a website where each item has multiple shipping methods? This, although needed in certain situations, could be avoided by many online sellers. 93% of online consumers are swayed by the prospect of free delivery with 58% of them adding more than one item to an online basket. This is because of a rise in consumer confidence, that influences their buying decisions. Could it be possible to provide a free shipping offer or a fixed price? By doing so the barriers to purchasing will be lower for the customer, leading to more sales.Package


    Take the time to run an SEO audit to your current website and identify any key issues or improvements that could be made to your customers journey. A good local SEO can enhance the ability of being discovered by customers in your area, encouraging them to consider your products or services. There are a number of free tools available to businesses to review SEO performance. One of our favourites would be Neil Patels SEO checker. This tool offers guidance and supporting materials to help improve a websites SEO scoring. SEO

  5. Becoming more social

    Are you currently utilising Facebook for business, Instagram or Twitter? Are the messages being delivered on these channels clear? Do customers engage with your posts and do you see this turning into sales? This can be measured by reviewing your social media insights to evaluate.Social media

  6. Consider paid ads?

    Paid advertising is an option to focus campaigns to a wider online audience. Set a marketing budget for paid advertising and monitor the success of its reach. Is it turning into sales? Can you improve your content? Keep a review on paid ads performance and ensure its ROI is in line with your business objectives. Using Facebook Ads as an example, the focus on targeting your businesses ideal customer can be customised in the ad criteria therefore only targeting those customers most likely to buy a your product or service. If you need to understand how to build a customer persona, take a look at Hubspots persona building tool.Paid Ads

  7. The need for more reviews

    Everyone who comes into contact with your business has the ability to leave you a review of your products or services. Why not ask for it? Good or bad you can learn and improve your business offerings and messages based on what you find.

  8. Where can your business be found online?

    Ever asked Alexa about your business? Consider the idea of listing your business on as many directories as you can, to improve your businesses chances of being discovered online. Google my business is a great place to start and can be managed as its own social media channel.where to find

  9. Measure the data

    Ensure that you are collecting website and social media visitor data. This can build a much bigger picture as to what your ideal customer is and how to attract more to your website. Because of the type of data collected by a platform such as Google Analytics allows marketers and business owners to improve the website content to attract more interest from customers, ultimately leading to more revenue.Analytics

  10. Content is key

    Content is the gateway into making a successful online business. Evaluate how well your social media posts do and consider why some do better than others.Consider using improved images and branded information to deliver your messages and utilise the visitor data to select the best times of day and channels to post on.

What can we gain from this?

Our objective for any client is to improve sales and internet presence. We can help you become stronger online. By becoming more visible and attractive to customers, sometimes with just the smallest of changes, it can reap the largest rewards.

We are looking to offer support during the current pandemic and beyond. Need support or digital advice? Network with us on the below channels and see how we can work together.