Reflecting and learning on our first year at Holdcroft Digital Marketing and making changes to our customer process.

It’s always positive to reflect and during the current COVID-19 pandemic the need to make changes to our customer process became clear.

Entering the frame of digital marketing services to the SME was always going to be a challenge in an ever changing digital environment. With the addition of mass confusion relating to the COVID-19 pandemic many businesses have been facing an uncertain future. Rewind to March 2020 and a nation heading into lockdown and businesses closing the physical locations. Fearful of the damage linked to falling sales and consumer confidence for non-essential items some clients had closed with no planned opening date and understandably looked at all cost saving measures available to them. From our UK government came relief measures and reductions in outgoings but still uncertainty loomed.

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A decision was taken to support clients during the initial lockdown without fees. This encouraged a form of digital message to continue for its customers. Services relating to SEO also remained important to those businesses wanting to keep digital channels open with its customer base. This keeps a smooth awareness campaign for the business owner staying in the minds of the consumer during lockdown.

Initial shock.

A point in time came whereby the initial shock of lockdown turned into resilience. Clients began seeking digital improvements and in some cases a complete overhaul of both physical and online business activities. This required a form of agile working and adapting to the new needs of the marketplace.

Becoming more agile.

With this comes a new approach to how we at Holdcroft Digital Marketing deliver its digital services to its clients. During this time of uncertainty we have spent the time listening to clients about what is really needed to achieve their objectives in 2020. A customised approach as before to each and every client with a greater need for agility. Combining services to reach the clients needs and objectives. Might seem obvious right? This new approach although a small change to our operating structure has displayed positive results for the businesses we currently work with. Making the process more affordable and accessible.

Changes to customer process.

We have put together a downloadable infographic to visualise our new process. Our objective is a simple one we are experienced at supporting businesses expand online. This is what we want to share with you, increasing your reach and sales during the process.

How our customer process works?

changes to customer process part 2

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Whats next?

We would love to discuss what challenges you are facing relating to digital marketing and business in general. For a no obligation conversation as to how we could work together to enhance your businesses online please get in touch. Let’s see what we can achieve together.

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